Sunday, November 03, 2013

Thor: The Dark World (Soundtrack) by Brian Tyler - Review

Thor: The Dark World (Soundtrack) by Brian Tyler - Review

Review by Edmund Meinerts

Another day, another Marvel film…With no end to the superhero craze in sight, THOR: THE DARK WORLD sees the hammer-swinging thunder-god’s home, Asgard, under threat from the Dark Elf Malekith, wielding a strange and evil force known as the Aether, and things become so desperate that Thor has to turn to his imprisoned brother (and eternal fan-favorite, who once again gets to smirk behind bars) Loki for help. The first film was directed by Kenneth Branagh and brought with it a strong but divisive PATRICK DOYLE score that has been hailed by some as a successful update of the composer’s style into the modern Hollywood blockbuster arena, and derided by others as a dumbing-down and repression of said style. With Branagh replaced by Alan Taylor for this sequel, the odds of DOYLE returning were slim; initially, CARTER BURWELL (of all people) was announced as his replacement, but he was ultimately replaced with the far safer choice of BRIAN TYLER, fresh off of his own Marvel excursion with IRON MAN 3...

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