Friday, May 30, 2014

24: Score Another Day - Interview with Sean Callery

24:  Score Another Day - Interview with Sean Callery

Fox's television-series-turned-cultural-phenomenon, "24," began airing some 13 years ago and with each tick of the proverbial and practical clock, with each twist, turn and double-turn experienced by Jack Bauer and his covert cohorts was the music of composer SEAN CALLERY. Richard Buxton chats with the composer about the legacy and challenges of "24," and his return to the franchise with 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY.

RB - How does it feel to be back working on 24 with Live Another Day?

SC - It's wonderful to be back. I was curious, after having written the last score for "24" over 3 years ago, how it would be fitting back into the series. For me, and for many of my colleagues, it felt as natural as ever. We picked up where we left off, and continue to work at making each episode as great as possible.

RB - You initially worked with creators Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran, and director Jon Cassar on La Femme Nikita before joining them on 24 and now Live Another Day. What is the dynamic like between you and the show’s producers and directors?

SC - Over the years we have developed this intuitive synergy with one another and it has evolved into a great collaboration that also grew into great friendships. These are very talented people, and I am very lucky to be working among them. With Joel and Jon, we went on to do “The Kennedys” together. Recently I scored a film for Joel Surnow called “Small Time,” which came out last month, starring Chris Meloni and Dean Norris.


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