Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Drama Period. Interview with Trevor Morris

Drama Period.  Interview with Trevor Morris

Richard Buxton chats with Trevor Morris about some of the prolific composer's most recent work spanning across video games, feature films and some of television's most popular period dramas.

RB - You spent a number of your career’s earlier years at Remote Control Productions providing additional music to scores headed by the likes of Hans Zimmer and Steve Jablonsky. Looking back, how valuable was that experience both as a learning process and as a career path?

TM - I’m very grateful for that time and the experiences that went with it.

RB - How much influence does a composer of additional music have when scoring a film?

TM - Not much influentially. The composer is the leader, or “chef”.

RB - In 2013 you scored five television shows as well as the feature film Olympus Has Fallen. How do you manage to juggle such a large amount of work?

TM - Schedules fall in different ways that help allow multiple projects to happen, but that was a particularly busy time to be sure!

RB - Do you ever find themes or ideas from one show creeping into another given their proximity?

TM - No, not really. It’s very important to me, and inherent in the nature of different projects, to want and deserve original ideas.

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